Ultimate Color Palette Bundle

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Never struggle again at picking the right color palette for your project and how to use it properly.

Ultimate Color Palette Bundle is here to help you find the right color palette easily and quickly and shows you how to use those colors in your website, application, logo, and illustration.

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What’s Inside?

33 Color Palette: All Color Palettes come in SVG, PNG, JPG, and PDF Formats.

Demo Page: All Color Palettes has a demo that has, Icons, typography, illustration, backgrounds, images, and buttons to show you how each color inside a palette could be used and how it would look like.

Palette URL: All color palettes have a Dopely.top URL that you can open and save in your account and use everywhere you want. all your saved palettes are accessible through the Dopely Colors website, Figma Plugin, Adobe XD Plugin, and Browser Extensions (Chrome, Edge, etc.)

Dopely Colors Guide:

Here are the links to dopely colors tools to create your account, save your color palettes, and have them with you in Figma, Adobe XD, Your Browser, and the Dopely Colors website.

Dopely Colors Website: Dopely Colors - A Free Solution to all your Color Problems

Dopely Colors Figma Plugin: Dopely Colors – Figma

Dopely Colors Browser Extension: Dopely Colors - Chrome Web Store (google.com) Dopely Colors Adobe XD Plugin: Plugin Details (adobe.com)

Illustration Used: https://drawkit.com

Icons used: https://ui8.net/amirbaqian/products/coco-iconset

3D Image used: Ekayasa.Design on Freepik

Get your perfect color palette

Create a Perfect Custom Color Palette for your brands, products, websites, and social media.

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Ultimate Color Palette Bundle

24 ratings
I want this!